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Single parent seeks special somepony, epilogue
A full week had passed since the showdown in front of Twilight Sparkle’s library.
The first thing the princess had done was to delay the return of Ponyville’s fillies and colts – she hadn’t known yet whether the changelings could be trusted and she didn’t want to place the young ones in harm’s way.
The denizens of the Zebra Kingdom had been more than a little perturbed by her explanation but they eventually saw it her way. If there was a chance of finally finding peace with a race that was universally seen as dangerous, it should be encouraged.
Princess Celestia was not so easily won over.
Twilight had put off telling her immediately but she couldn’t hold out forever. A couple of days into the changelings’ residence, she went to Canterlot.
Celestia’s first action was to check whether she had been placed under mental control. When she discovered that wasn’t the case, a strongly argued debate began.
In the end, she placed her tr
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Single parent seeks special somepony, part 11
Surprise was lifted off her hooves as Rainbow Dash ploughed into her, the pony acting quickly to overpower her.
The changeling offered no resistance and within seconds she had been restrained, with Dash sitting atop her and holding her front legs in place.
“I’ve got her!” the rainbow-maned pegasus cried. Behind her, a gathered crowd of ponies watched on and chattered agitatedly about the invader.
Berry tried to fight down the anxiety rising in her chest, suppressing the urge to try to help Surprise. The residents of Ponyville were in such a state that any attempt to assist could end up with her being accused of being a changeling as well.
A quick glance at Chrysalis revealed the queen was also struggling to hold herself back, her concern for her daughter conflicting with her fear of discovery.
Berry sensed movement behind her and stepped aside as Twilight Sparkle came forward, emerging from the library. The princess gasped when she saw what the hubbub was about, but p
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Single parent seeks special somepony, part 10
Berry took a step forward, disturbed by Surprise’s lack of a response. The changeling looked up at her, her eyes glistening.
“Please don’t go,” she said. “I’m not ordering you, I’m asking you – please don’t go. You’d be throwing away your freedom.”
“You have to make a choice. Either you let me go or you help me talk to Chrysalis,” said Berry.
“But that’s no choice at all. If you break my hypnosis, then I lose you. If we go to Chrysalis then she’ll break it herself, and I’ll lose you. We don’t have a plan, we don’t have anything. I know you’re upset, but you’re about to throw your last chance away.”
“We have to do something!” she said, stomping her hoof decisively on the floor. “I’m not prepared to live like this. Not knowing that my daughter’s coming home tomorrow. Not knowing that soon she’ll… she’ll
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Single parent seeks special somepony, part 9
Berry’s consciousness drifted as Surprise’s hypnosis took control of her.
She felt distant, disconnected. As if she was trapped in a warm, protective bubble.
It was a sensation that she didn’t want to lose. She felt safe, as if she was a child again. Free from worries.
Unfortunately, it could not last.
Sounds from the outside world came rushing back and her vision returned, blurry at first but quickly regaining definition.
A worried-looking Surprise was standing before her, hoof on her shoulder.
“Berry? Berry, are you back with me? Do you remember me? Please, you have to remember me.”
The earth pony couldn’t respond at first. Something felt wrong inside – she hadn’t had time to guess what being under hypnosis would be like but she wasn’t expecting this.
It was as if she had lost a part of herself.
The changeling was becoming truly concerned now. “Berry, answer me.”
“I remember you,” she said immediately. Then
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Single parent seeks special somepony, part 8
“A changeling? In Ponyville?” Rainbow Dash swallowed her shock and geared herself up for action, instantly realising Surprise’s true identity.
“You’re a changeling?” She rounded on the other pegasus aggressively, her hooves raised but holding herself back. The brief time they had spent as friends coloured her judgement.
Berry found her voice. “Dash, we have to get to the boutique. Twilight’s in danger. We’re all in danger.”
Dash looked at her incredulously. “You knew about this, didn’t you? What were you even trying to do?”
She didn’t wait for an answer. Her concern for her friends suddenly took over and she was off in a flash, headed for the Carousel Boutique.
Surprise lay curled up in a ball, hiding her face with hooves. “I thought I had more time. I thought they’d wait until nightfall, that it was too dangerous to attack in daylight.”
Berry was in a quandary, desperate to race after
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Single parent seeks special somepony, part 7
“This doesn’t change anything, okay?” Surprise said, raising her hoof in a bid to calm Berry down. “I want peace. I don’t take after my mother.”
“Doesn’t change anything?” The earth pony was painfully aware of how loud she was speaking, but she was too flabbergasted to help it. “You – you’re royalty! You’ve been hiding that from me all this time?”
“It didn’t seem relevant. If you had needed further assurance that our plan could work, I would have told you,” she said, adopting a confident stance. “Don’t you see? This is a massive advantage in our favour. She’ll be more willing to listen to me than to any other changeling. I’ll be able to convince her.”
Berry’s initial shock faded a little and she considered this new information. It made sense. It went some way to explain why Surprise had been so quick to destroy the potion that had been so crucial to
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Single parent seeks special somepony, part 6
There were a couple of seconds’ brief peace as Berry woke from sleep, her eyes fluttering open as the sun glistened beyond the curtains covering her window.
Then pain cracked through her skull as last night’s drinking caught up with her. She grimaced, putting her hooves over her face in an attempt to blot out the light. Even in the darkness that provided her, flashes of white flared as her headache pulsated. She let out a small groan as she fought the urge to be sick.
And then she remembered there was a changeling in her front room.
She groaned again, more protracted and pitiful this time. She was in no state to deal with a problem like that today, but she had to. The fate of Ponyville lay in the hooves of a badly hungover mother-of-one.
She couldn’t tell what the time was but, judging by the brightness of the sun, it was well into morning. No matter how she felt, she would have to get up soon.
Gently moving her hind legs, she kicked away the duvet and uncovered herse
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Single parent seeks special somepony, part 5
The silence was broken by a loud, insistent rapping at the front door, frightening the life out of Surprise and Berry.
The sudden noise was so unexpected that all they could do was look in the direction it had come from, unable to believe they had actually heard it.
A second series of knocks came, shaking Surprise out of her shock.
“Who the hell is that?” she asked Berry, her whispered voice almost accusatory in tone. “Who would want to see you at the time of night? Who is it?”
The pony shook her head in response, as confused as the changeling was, and was about to speak when they heard muffled speech from outside.
“She’s probably passed out. Please, let’s just leave it. Talk to her in the morning, it doesn’t matter.” The voice was pleading, upset and unmistakeably Lyra’s.
Her begging went unheard. Bon Bon knocked again, harder, crying out: “I know you’re in there! I can see your lights on! Come out, I’ve got
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Single parent seeks special somepony, part 4
Berry reared up and staggered backwards into a table, its wooden edge digging sharply into her back.
The pain barely registered, her senses dulled by drunkenness and fear. Surprise stood by the front door, merely watching her at this point.
“You can’t get away, so don’t even try. Calm down. I don’t want to hurt you,” she said.
Berry’s eyes flicked left, affording her a glance at the window. If she could just get there and open it, she could call for help.
Her entire body tensed, she stared back at the changeling who had invaded her home. She waited for an opening, waited for her to drop her guard.
A few seconds passed. Surprise was totally relaxed, assured that she was in full control.
The silence was too much. Berry panicked. She turned clumsily and bolted towards the windows, her hooves tripping over each other.
She barely made it a few yards before Surprise was upon her. There was a flash of movement and then the changeling lifted her off her hoov
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Single parent seeks special somepony, part 3
The journey back to Horte’s restaurant passed by without Berry really noticing. She was too preoccupied with thoughts of Lyra and Bon Bon, and the fact that their relationship could be ending at that very moment.
Poor Bon Bon. She deserved better than that, she truly did. They had seemed so happy together.
Berry pushed open the door and went inside, her head hanging forlornly as she made her way to the bar. She only looked up once she reached the counter.
Horte was there, showing concern as he saw her downcast expression. “What’s wrong?” he asked.
She shook her head. “I don’t want to go into it. Let’s just say that my plans for tonight have taken a considerable turn for the worse.”
She looked at the row of bottles behind him and decided that was probably her best option. “Pour me a drink, Horte. Something strong,” she said, her voice weary. “I don’t care how early it is. I’ve got time to talk, if you’ve
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It's true by angelofrombelow It's true :iconangelofrombelow:angelofrombelow 0 2
Single parent seeks special somepony, part 2
Berry Punch opened her eyes drowsily, weary from an irregular night’s sleep. She groaned and rolled onto her back – the mattresses in the restaurant’s guests rooms weren’t as comfortable and soft as her own, and her neck was aching from where she had been resting on it.
Memories of last night came back to her. She thought again of Twilight Sparkle and the brief but agreeable conversation they had shared. Lying there, alone, she found herself beginning to over-analyse what had happened.
The princess’s reaction to Berry’s come-on had been unusual. Until then she had been talking about her sexuality quite openly, almost matter-of-factly. The second the prospect of anything happening between them was suggested, she shied away.
Given what Twilight had said, it was almost certain that she had no experience when it came to relationships. The fact she went home to study the subject, which was another thing that Berry found odd, implied that she’d never
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Single parent seeks special somepony, part 1
Youngsters across Ponyville were preparing for their annual school outing, their homes becoming hives of nervous activity as their parents helped them get their belongings together.
Many of the adults couldn’t help feeling a little envious of their offspring – an exchange visit had been arranged with the Zebra Kingdom to build international relations and tighten bonds with Equestria.
Few ponies had ventured there, despite of how relatively close it was. The two races had regarded each other with suspicion until just recently, when Twilight and Zecora had taken it upon themselves to use their friendship as a basis to improve political links.
If this trip was a success, Ponyville would return the favour and accept a visit from fillies and colts from their kingdom.
Despite the importance of what this weekend could signify, the general atmosphere was one of excitement more than anything else. Even Twilight was taking a strictly hooves-off approach now the negotiating was done &
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Skin deep
Alternate title: Fluttershy gets a papercut (for serious)
Angel Bunny flicked his eyes left and right, his brow furrowed and his jaw set in an angry pout. Something was wrong here, and he wasn't in the least bit happy about it.
He was hungry and Fluttershy was nowhere to be seen.
He hopped into the house, coming through the front door that had been left ajar. This was totally inconsiderate of her he wanted cucumber salad and he wanted it now, damn it and he wasn't going to forgive her easily. Lunch time should have been ten minutes ago.
The peeved rabbit stopped in his tracks as he entered the single downstairs room, his bad mood arrested by the sight that lay before him.
The entire building was crammed, from floor to ceiling, with hundreds upon hundreds of letters. Innumerable sealed envelopes, all neatly stacked on top of each other, almost completely filled the home's living space. There was barely room to get through to the staircase leading up to Fluttershy's bedroom, w
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Spyra, epilogue
Two weeks had passed since the near-cataclysmic battle on the grounds of Canterlot castle and the scars still ran deep.
The area beside the courtyard was scorched and infertile, and it would be some time before the lush grass that once grew there could be planted again.
Not much had changed in the courtyard itself – the statues remained, the princesses undecided about what to do with their frozen enemies. And if Discord had been able to break free, there was a chance they could as well.
Celestia could not bring herself to impose a sentence of execution upon them, yet in her current state she would not be able to effectively protect Equestria if the worst happened. Potential disaster lay right outside Canterlot's back door.
But other matters were taking precedence tonight.
A ceremony was being held to recognise the efforts of everypony who had averted disaster. To thank everypony who had helped to stop the creature who once stood in the garden, whose empty plinth had since been rem
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Spyra, part twenty four
Noteworthy looked up tentatively, still afraid of what Whooves might do. When he saw the doctor collapsed on his knees, eyes closed in guilt, he realised his dangerous mood had passed.
The blue stallion steadied himself against the castle wall, propping himself up by using his metal gloves, and checked the area around him.
Lyra was quaking in a corner, suffering from all the mental stresses and strains that had been placed upon her in the past 24 hours. The surrounding gardens had been razed by the firefight with Discord.
"Whooves," he said, calling out to get his attention. The brown-coated alicorn raised his head sadly.
Noteworthy continued, speaking in a tired, businesslike tone. "You know what you've done. You've acknowledged your guilt. Now we have to work out what we're going to do next. How we're going to salvage this situation."
The doctor slowly got up onto his hooves and walked over, his expression contrite.
"You're right," he said, "I have to do what I can to… at least
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It's almost been a year since I wrote anything pony related and I'm sad to say that I won't be writing any more. It's not that I'm no longer a fan of pony, just that I've moved on to other things.
That said, I thought season four was leagues better than season three and I'll be watching the fifth.
It had some of the best episodes of the entire show: Rarity Takes Manehattan, Maud Pie, For Whom The Sweetie Belle Tolls, and Twilight's Kingdom are all up there.
I was a little worried because most of the first few episodes were mediocre, but it delivered in the end.
However, this season also had some of the worst episodes of the entire show. Three's A Crowd was just infuriating: Discord actively tries to get two princesses killed and nobody cares. I'm glad he betrayed the ponies in the finale - his redemption this time round feels like it's actually going to stick.
The Breezies episode was a pretty horrible toy commercial but I think most people feel the way I do about that one. The absolute worst, though, was Somepony To Watch Over Me. Applejack was just so out of character in that one that I struggled to finish it.
Rarity is now best pony until further notice.

I'd just like to take this moment to thank everyone who read my work, followed me and commented. Writing Spyra in particular was a fun time for me and it's inspired me to go on and write something I can actually, you know, sell.
If you read any books in the future written by some guy called Angelo, and you like it, I'd like you to pretend that it's me. :p
Like I said, I'm still a fan of pony and I'll be lurking around here from time to time. I did have ideas for more stories but the moment's passed. Kinda sad to say goodbye to it, but I won't be deleting this account and I'll still be commenting on art and favouriting stuff occasionally.
Best wishes to you all. :)


Newspaper journalist working in a dying industry.


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