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My Little Creepypasta
Part 2

Hearing her sister in distress spurred Rarity into action. She dashed to the front door and unbolted it with her magic, and it promptly burst open as Sweetie Belle barged her way inside.

The little filly was a frightful mess – she was trembling and she appeared to be close to tears. She was breathing hard, her chest heaving in and out.

"My goodness Sweetie Belle, what's wrong with you? Whatever's happened?"

She managed to catch her breath long enough to gasp out a dire warning: "The door! You've gotta close the door!"

Rarity, confused and not a little frightened, walked to the open doorway and looked out, trying to see exactly what it was that had terrified her dear sister.

There was nothing that seemed too out of the ordinary – just a lone pony who was making its way towards the Carousel Boutique.

Then she realised there was something not quite right. The pony was moving slowly with a stumbling gait and its eyes were slightly off-focus. It wasn't looking to see where it was going, it was as if it was being guided by some kind of primordial instinct.

But there was another detail, one that truly clued Rarity into the fact that something was deeply wrong. It was… it was…

"Oh my goodness! Darling! What ARE you wearing?" she gasped, "No no no, this simply won't do! Green is not your colour. Come inside and I'll…"

"No! Not inside!" hollered Sweetie Belle, throwing herself across the room and slamming into the door, knocking it shut.

Rarity tutted: "Now that was just plain rude. I know it's late but that pony desperately needed fashion advice. Did you see that outfit? Ugh, so many sequins."

"You don't understand. That pony was sick. There's some kind of horrible illness going around. Anypony who catches it starts acting all funny and then, and then they try to attack anypony who isn't infected."

Rarity felt a prickle of fear run down her back. Her sister wasn't the sort to lie, especially about something like this.

She continued: "I – I saw somepony getting attacked. There was an infected pony and he went for her and then – then there was a bad touch and the other pony caught the illness. After that they went to a clothes rack and started dressing up."

The fashion-conscious pony swallowed hard: "Wh-what did they wear?"

"Flank-high socks and a bowler hat."

A deathly silence fell. A cold trickle of sweat dripped down Rarity's forehead as she began to understand the enormity of what they were dealing with.

Suddenly there was a loud banging on the door as the infected zombie pony started hammering its hooves against it, trying to get in. Rarity quickly locked the bolt – she couldn't allow herself to catch the disease. She could be the only one left in Ponyville who had any fashion sense.

She was alerted by the sound of shattering glass from the other side of the room, then let out a terrified shriek as she saw dozens of infected ponies through the smashed window of her back door.

"Sweetie Belle! To me!" she cried as the ponies broke in.

The two sisters ran into the centre of the room and huddled together. The front door shuddered, then fell forward as the zombie ponies advanced. They were trapped on both sides.

Rarity gaped in shock, her mind simply unable to take in what she was seeing. The infected ponies began to stumble towards them, getting closer and closer. Meanwhile, her sister had spotted the storage room and was desperately trying to get inside, gripping the door knob with her front hooves and pushing hard against the frame with her hind legs.

"It's locked! Rarity, you've got to get the key!" she grunted, "Sis! Are you even listening to me?"

"This – this is wrong. So very wrong," came the terrified reply, "The hemline is far too high on that outfit and ugh! Red with purple? What are you thinking? And the stitching, oh my goodness, the stitching – can nopony sew in this town?"

She gasped as she saw the most terrifying sight of all: "You're wearing boots with a dress, darling? Have you gone stark, staring mad?"

"Hey!" interrupted Applejack, "Was that supposedta be a dig at me? I'll have you know boots can be mighty comfortable when you're making the trek home from a gala. Didn't ever hurt nopony to be practical."

"Oh, and your mane! So messy. So unkempt," said Rarity, who understood the importance of grooming oneself once in a while.

Sweetie Belle leapt up and grabbed her by the head, pulling her down so they were face-to-face: "Rarity. The key."

"Y-yes. Yes!" she said, trying to control her fear long enough to remember where she had put it. Her memory clicked into action and she used her magic to bring it over from her dresser drawer – all the while the zombie ponies were getting closer, almost within biting distance.

"I'm sorry, the horror of it all is getting to me," she stammered, pushing the key into the lock, "Don't worry, we'll be able to hide out in here until we – SATIN WITH TARTAN?!"

The sheer scale of the fashion disaster in front of her caused her to freeze up with shock. Luckily, her brave little sister was on the case.

Sweetie Belle opened the now-unlocked door and grabbed her sister by the mane, half-dragging her into the storage room before closing the entrance behind them. Rarity, shaken out of her state of confusion, lashed out with her magic to pull a nearby wardrobe across to blockade the door.

There was a cavalcade of noise as the unfashionable zombie ponies attempted to break their way in, but to no avail. At least, not yet. The two sisters were safe but they had no way out – the storage room had no windows, no other exits through which they could make their escape.

With the immediate danger passed, the rush of adrenaline began to fade from Sweetie Belle's system and the reality of their situation started to kick in. She was still only a filly after all, and it's not everyday that everypony in your town becomes affected by a zombifying illness and tries to attack you.

She walked over to her sister and collapsed into a hug. "What are we going to do?" she sniffed, "We're trapped. We can't stay in here forever."

Rarity had no response. Their situation seemed hopeless. Of all the worst things that could happen, this was –

No. She had to be brave. She couldn't expect Sweetie Belle to play the hero all by herself.

She scanned the room quickly to see if there was anything they could use as a weapon. All of her equipment was kept in here – mannequins, fabric and various fashion accessories. An idea began to form in her head.

Sweetie Belle watched in bemusement as her sister fired up the sewing machine and started weaving a new outfit out of denim and nylon.

"What are you doing?" she asked, "This is no time for fashion, this is a time for action."

"You're just going to have to trust your big sister on this one," came the reply, "Oh, I think I have some Kevlar knocking around here somewhere. Could you be a dear and find it for me?"

Rarity stitched faster than she ever had in her life. The outfits weren't perfect but in this case that could actually work in their favour – the worse they looked, the better the chance the infected ponies might mistake them as one of their own. The wardrobe blocking the entrance shuddered as the zombies attacked with full force. Cracks started to show in the walls around the door frame.

Sweetie Belle caught on and started looking around for things to use as weapons. About ten minutes later the sound of shattering wood warned them their time was up, although by now they had prepared as well as they could.

Their ensembles were the worst-looking creations Rarity had ever made – even taking into account those abominations that were designed for our little 'fashion show' – but they were practical.

Coated from head to hoof in protective material, reinforced umbrella hats for charging through the crowd and mannequin legs for striking out at anypony who got in their way – the sisters were ready for action.

They looked at each other, nodded determinedly, then Rarity used her magic to slam the wardrobe aside. The zombie horde pushed forward but Sweetie Belle was ready for them – her horn glowed as she threw a sheet, weighted at its four corners, into the crowd and snared up a number of them within.

"Go!" shouted Rarity, "No unnecessary violence, just hit the ones that get in your way!"

She thrust her mannequin leg forward and knocked down several of the nearest attackers, then leapt into the throng, thrusting her hat-clad head at anypony that dared stumble within biting distance. It was only a short distance to the exit but there were a large number of bodies separating her from salvation.

Meanwhile, Sweetie Belle was in her element. She swung her weapon around like a baseball professional, knocking zombies off their hooves to the left and right – but in all her enthusiasm, she wasn't watching her flank.

Out of the corner of her eye, Rarity noticed a pink, candy floss-maned zombie pony who wasn't moving with the rest. Her head was flicking from side to side, watching her slow, shambling brethren with bemusement.

Then she gave a carefree shrug and suddenly started running at full pelt – straight towards Sweetie Belle!

Rarity cried out in horror and charged at the attacking pony, leaping into the air and knocking her down before she could attack her sister.

The pair rolled and fought on the floor but the pink pony soon got the upper hand. She pinned the struggling white unicorn to the ground, her blue eyes burning with the desire for flesh, and started tearing at her clothes with hooves and teeth –

"Wow! This is getting really exciting!" exclaimed Rainbow Dash, her wings spread out to their full extent.

Rarity cried for help as the pink pony managed to pull apart the stitching of her outfit, exposing the skin of her neck.

Sweetie Belle heard that her sister was in trouble and raised her weapon, swinging it forward in a deadly attack.

But she was too late! The pink pony lunged at Rarity's neck and bit down hard – we're vegetarians by nature of course, so our teeth aren't designed for ripping and tearing, but the attack still broke the skin –

Fluttershy let out a terrified yelp, covering her mouth with her hooves: "Oh no!"

Oh yes! Sweetie Belle hit the pink pony in the head with full force, knocking her unconscious.

"Stay off my sister!" she yelled, then reached a hoof down to help a shivering Rarity to her feet.

They were close to the exit now. Sweetie Belle propped up her sister as they made their way out into the night, attacking zombie ponies as they went.

There were a few more of the infected outside but they were too far away to be any immediate danger. The two sisters pushed onwards, heading towards the way out of Ponyville, but Rarity stumbled and fell as the disease began to take hold.

Sweetie Belle was confused at first, not quite realising what was happening.

She knelt down on her forelegs, her face close to her sister: "Rarity? Come on, sis, we can't stop now. We're almost home free."

Rarity could feel her strength fading. It wouldn't be long now. Sweetie Belle spotted the bite mark on her neck and finally understood.

"No. Oh no," she said, holding her sister in a close embrace, "No, this can't be happening. You're going to be okay, sis. You're going to be okay."

"Sweetie Belle," said Rarity softly, "I've been bitten. I'm changing, I can feel it already. I already think open-hooved sandals are the height of fashion."

The little filly wept as she held her sister close. The zombie ponies from the boutique were outside now and it would only be a matter of minutes before they were upon them.

"Sweetie Belle," said Rarity, forcing the words out with some effort, "It's up to you now."

She shook her head furiously: "No! I can't do it without you!"

"You've already proven that you can easily handle yourself. You'll need to take care of yourself from now on though, because I won't be there to watch your flank. Go. Find Celestia. Find Zecora. Find somepony who'll be able to create a cure for this disease."

She raised a hoof to wipe the tears away from her little sister's eyes: "I'm so proud of you."

As Rarity watched, there was a flash of light on Sweetie Belle's flank underneath her clothing. She had finally discovered her purpose in life. She had realised what she had been born to do.

"Run," said Rarity, "I'll try to hold them off. I – I'll grab hold of their legs or something. Go."

Sweetie Belle raced off into the Everfree Forest as the last of Rarity's strength failed her.

Ponyville's top fashion designer rose to her feet, reborn as a creature of the night. She had finally succumbed to the disease. She had become… she had… ahem.
Excuse me, darling? Pinkie? Am I boring you?

Pinkie Pie had had her eyes closed for the past few minutes, resting her head on her beanbag chair. She sparked up at the sound of her name.

"Oh! Sorry Rarity, I was still listening. It's just, when that pony bit you it gave me a great idea for a story of my own, so I shut my eyes so I could think it all up. I'm still enjoying it. We're all enjoying it, right Fluttershy?"

The yellow pegasus was quivering on the floor, pressing her body up as tightly as possible against her pink friend's seat.

She made several attempts to speak, each time producing little more than a squeak, then cried out: "I don't like zombie ponies! I want to hear Rainbow Dash's story again! I prefer space monkeys, they don't frighten me."

Pinkie Pie gave her a hug to try to calm her down. Applejack had a content smile on her face.

"You got a little caught up in the emotion of your own story at the end there, ah reckon," she said to Rarity, "Ah thought it was quite revealing. Showed what you'd be willing to sacrifice for your sister."

The pair shared a smile but the air of sentimentality was instantly shattered by Dash: "And it had zombies in it! What more could you want?"

"I think we can all agree this one's the best tale of the night so far," agreed Twilight, "But how much more is there, Rarity? It's pretty late and it sounds like you're just getting started."

"Oh, well," the unicorn flicked her purple mane, "This is only chapter one. There's at least another four to go."

She looked at her tired friends, then gave an embarrassed chuckle: "Perhaps I should save part two for another time."

Dash and Pinkie Pie moaned with disappointment while Fluttershy gave a sigh of relief. She'd have to make sure she had other plans for when the next slumber party came around.

"Do you want to go next, Pinkie?" asked Twilight.

"Oh! Not yet. I haven't thought through all the details," she said, "But don't worry, this story is going to be a real doozy. And you're going to play a big part in it, Dashie."

"Really? That sounds cool, I guess," said Dash, smiling nervously.

"Then how's about I take a turn?" said Applejack, standing up, "Ah've got a good 'un here, though ah reckon quite a few ponies will have heard of it already. This tale's called:

Story Of The Blanks

The sun was fading on another day in Equestria. Applebloom had been roamin' in the Everfree Forest for the past couple hours but now she felt it was time to come on home. Before she could…

"Hold on a second," said Twilight, "Why would your little sister be in the Everfree Forest on her own? She knows better than that."

Applejack hesitated: "Well now, this is just the prelude to the story. Doesn't really matter how she came to be there."

"Yes it does. You have to establish these things. If the beginning doesn't make sense, then how can I get into it?"

The orange earth pony grunted with frustration: "Okay, fine. Let's say she got sent there to carry out an errand. Is that better?"

Her friend shook her head: "Who would send a little filly into the forest by herself? It's far too dangerous."

Rarity butted in: "Come on, darling. There is such a thing as artistic licence, you know."

Twilight pouted and settled down in her seat. Applejack looked at her with a raised eyebrow, then decided she had been given permission to continue.

Applebloom trotted along the forest path, eager to get home quickly. It would be night time in a couple hours and she didn't wanna get caught out in the dark.

Suddenly a rustlin' sound caught her attention. She stopped dead in her tracks and took a look round. At first there didn't seem to be anything out there.

Then she caught sightta what it was – there was somepony… aw, Twilight, ah cain't concentrate with you looking all miserable and such.

The purple unicorn realised everypony was staring at her, which made her feel even worse.

She raised her hooves defensively: "I'm sorry, but there are storytelling conventions that you just have to adhere to. I don't understand why Applebloom is in the forest on her own, so I don't know what her motivations are. I just can't buy into it."

"Ya handled Dash's story about space monkeys just fine," said Applejack.

"But she took some time at the start to establish the characters, she didn't just jump straight into the action. This doesn't seem like something Applebloom would do."

"Okay, fine!" the volume of Applejack's voice rose dangerously, "Then how about this: she went on in with you while you were paying a visit to Zecora?"

"But I wouldn't let her come with me. The forest is far too dangerous for a filly her age."

"Y'all are forgetting that Applebloom can be mighty persuasive when she wants ta be. Supposin' she was bored and was desperate for something ta do – she'd plead and plead with ya until you gave up, so you could get some peace and quiet. So how's that, are ya happy now?"

Twilight nodded and Applejack gave a sigh of relief, before continuing with her story.

So Twilight and Applebloom went over to Zecora's place and gave her some books on magic herbs or somethin', then they started to head on home. But along the way they got separated and… lemme guess, I'm gonna haveta put something in about how that happened, ain't I?

Okay, they were travelling' along the main route back when they came across a tree that had fallen in their path. Twilight told Applebloom that she'd need some time to clear the way and warned the little filly to stay close by – oh, what now?

Twilight winced, pressing her back into her chair: "It's just – moving a tree wouldn't take too much effort. It'd take a minute, tops. There wouldn't be time for Applebloom to wander off."

Right. Fine. Twilight moved the fallen tree with her great magical powers and the pair of 'em went on their way.

But just a few yards later they came across a whole buncha fallen trees, maybe 20 or so – they had probably been knocked down by a rampaging Ursa Minor, just to make sure ya don't start asking questions about that – and the brambles surroundin' the path were too thick for them to get through. Twilight had no choice but to slowly move the very, very heavy trees outta the way so they could keep walking. Ah trust y'all are happy with that? Good.

The finickity unicorn told Applebloom to stay close by, and the little filly agreed and went off to look at some of the nearby bugs and critters.

All of a sudden, she FINALLY saw a mysterious-looking grey-coloured pony watching her from between the trees off the side of the path. She called out a greeting but the other pony ran away.

"Ooh! Ooh!" said Pinkie, holding up her hoof, "What was the other pony's name?"

"Consarn it, will you ponies let me tell this story and save the questions for later? You'll find out soon enough, okay?

Applebloom chased after the grey pony, followin' her through the trees until she came across another pathway, right there in the middle of the forest.

Figuring the other pony must have come along this way, she went along the path until she found a sight that she could scarcely believe.

Right there, in the middle of the Everfree Forest, was an entire village filled with ponyfolk. There were several wooden huts, all in good condition, and the residents appeared to be holding some kinda party – don't you even start, Pinkie.

There were banners and bunting and tables fulla food. Everypony seemed to be havin' a great time and Applebloom's initial shock turned to excitement as she realised she may have found a whole buncha new friends to play with.

One of the adult ponies wandered on up to her to her and said: "Hi there little filly and welcome to Sunny Town. My name's Grey Hoof, celebration planner extraordinaire. What's your name?"

"It's Applebloom, sir," said the filly, "What are y'all doin' out here in the Everfree Forest?"

T'other pony chuckled: "Oh, we've lived here for quite some time now. You're welcome to join us for the party, if you like."

It was then that Applebloom noticed something mighty strange about the ponies. None of them, not even the fully grown mares and stallions, had a cutiemark.

"Ooh, I bet they're evil!" grinned Pinkie Pie.

Ah'm trying to tell a story here and y'all keep interruptin' me! It ain't fair. Everypony kept quiet during Dash's and Rarity's story, so ya can do me the courtesy of keeping quiet through mine.

Now, where was I? Right. Applebloom thought this was mighty strange – she'd never seen an adult pony that hadn't got their cutiemark yet, let alone a whole village of 'em. She had to ask. She had to know.

"Hey mister," she said, "How come none of y'all have any cutiemarks?"

Grey Hoof chuckled again and said: "Well there, little missy. That would be on accounta us bein' dead."

And Applebloom was… she was… wait a minute. Oh, consarn it!

Applejack dropped to the floor and buried her face in her hooves. Her friends looked between each other with a mix of confusion and disappointment.

"I'm guessing you weren't supposed to reveal that little detail until near the end, am I right?" asked Rarity.

Her friend just nodded, barely lifting her head. Rainbow Dash groaned: "Aw, I was just starting to enjoy it too."

"Well if you guys hadn't kept interruptin' me and confusin' me, maybe I wouldn't have ruined the ending," Applejack's reply was muffled, her head still down to the floor.

Twilight hopped down from her chair and walked over to her friend: "I'm sorry. It's my fault. I shouldn't have been so quick to criticise, I should have given you a chance to get going."

"I'm sorry too," said Pinkie, "I didn't mean to interrupt, I got overexcited."

Applejack looked up and slowly broke into a grin: "Aw, don't worry none. Ah was just so keen to get into it that I skipped the beginning, then ah got so determined to finish that ah skipped right to the ending. I'm a silly pony."

Fluttershy let out a delicate yawn: "I'm getting ever so tired, Twilight. Do you think we could call it a night?"

Pinkie Pie gave an upset squeak: "But I haven't had a chance to tell my story yet. Please let me tell my story. Please? I promise you won't regret it."

Fluttershy looked up at her friend, furrowed her brow, then said: "Oh, okay. As long as you promise it won't be too scary."

The pink pony grinned: "You'll just have to wait and see. Don't worry though, it'll certainly be memorable – and it's 100 per cent medically accurate too."

(Celestia help us)
Don't worry, Pinkie Pie's trolling.
I think.

For anyone who hasn't played Story Of The Blanks, here's the link: [link]
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