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My Little Creepypasta
Part 3

"Come on then, Pinkie. Let's hear this super scary story of yours," said Rainbow Dash, with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

The pink pony grinned: "Alright! Here we go!"

It was a beautiful sunny day in Equestria and Rainbow Dash was still alive.

She loved being alive, because it meant she could do loads of really neat tricks – like that one where she zips really close to the ground then POW! she zooms right up again, or that one where she spins round and round and goes wee-ooh wee-ooh wee-ooh.

She had a fun morning practising her skills, then remembered she was supposed to be meeting her bestest buddy Pinkie Pie that afternoon. So she flew off into Ponyville, where the pink pony was waiting for her outside Sugarcube Corner.

"Dashie! You made it! Yay!" she squealed, joyously bouncing into the air, "Oh, we're gonna have so much fun today! I've got the oven ready and I've brought all of my equipment up from the cellar."

Rainbow Dash was a little taken aback by just how enthusiastic her friend was – they were just going to be cooking, after all. What was the big deal?

"So, what are we going to making today?" she asked.

Pinkie stopped bouncing and frowned at her with a slightly condescending expression on her face: "What do you think?"

The rainbow-maned pegasus truly had no idea. She followed her friend into the bakery and was astonished by what she saw.

The main serving counter was covered by several plates stacked full of cupcakes! They came in every variety imaginable – so, um, that's just one really – and they were all coated with delicious-looking icing.

"Wow, you've been busy already," said Dash.

"Yep!" smiled her friend, "And they're all so wonderfully sweet and tasty! Here, do you wanna try one?"

Dash took a look at the treat that her friend was offering insistently. There was a little decoration of a griffon's wing on the top, made out of rice paper.

"Um, I thought we were going to be making cupcakes, not eating them," she said.

Pinkie giggled: "Silly. Somepony's get to test the first batch to make sure the recipe's okay. I've been very busy this morning, but now you're here I can make even more. Even better, Applejack and Fluttershy are going to coming round later – when they do, I'll be able to make enough cupcakes to feed all of Ponyville!"

Dash took the cupcake in her hoof and squinted at it suspiciously. She looked at Pinkie, who nodded at her, indicating she should take a bite.

The blue pegasus lifted the treat to her mouth, ready to chow down. She opened her mouth wide and pulled the cupcake closer… closer… closer…!

"Alright, that's enough!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed, "Stop right there! This has gone too far already!"

Her friends turned in shock, astonished by her sudden outburst.

"Why, whatever's the matter Dashie?" asked Pinkie Pie, fluttering her eyelashes innocently.

"What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you?" she retorted, "Ugh, this story. I can't tell you how many problems I have with it."

She took to the air, hovered close to her friend and said: "For a start, this isn't the least bit scary. I thought you said you had a real doozy of a tale for us – all that's happened so far is you saying you want to make cupcakes with me. Secondly, why would you invite ME, of all ponies, to help you? Everypony knows I'm the worst baker in Equestria. Lastly, you haven't even told us what your story's called."

Pinkie chuckled: "Of course I haven't told you what the story's called yet – that's just one of the surprises I've got planned. It's a tension-building device. Helps to make it even scarier for everyone."

"Well, I'm not scared," huffed Dash, "None of us are. Fluttershy, you're not frightened are you?"

The yellow pegasus blinked: "Oh. Well, no. It does sound like a lovely story but it's not scary. Sorry Pinkie."

"Oh, I know you guys aren't scared. But I'm sure anyone else listening in is at least just a little bit worried," replied the pink pony, leaning heavily against the wall.

Dash snorted, then flew a loop in the air to work out some of her frustration.
"I was so looking forward to a good, trashy horror story. I thought you'd be able to pull it off. But no," she said.

Applejack leaped to her hooves and grabbed Dash's tail with her teeth, pulling her back down to the ground.

"Hey! What gives?" the blue pegasus cried.

"Ah'll tell you 'what gives'," she said, "First mah story gets ruined acuz you ponies keep interruptin', and now you're trying to stop Pinkie from telling her story at all! You're bein' selfish, Dashie. You've had your turn and we sat quietly to listen to yours, so be polite and let Pinkie finish up afore you start tearing into her."

Rainbow Dash, her hooves firmly back on the ground, looked away and rubbed one of her forelegs against the other, ashamed.

She turned around to Pinkie Pie, contrite: "Aw, Applejack's right. I'm sorry. I'll let you finish your story, I know you spent a long time thinking it up. I promise I won't interrupt again, no matter what happens."

The pink pony smiled happily, then embraced her friend in a hug: "It's alright, Dashie. Tell you what, I'm going to make it even scarier than I planned, just for you."

Dash chuckled heartily as she pulled back away: "That sounds great. Alright, go for it."

So, where was I? Oh yeah – so Dashie had the cupcake in her hooves and she was about to eat it all up.

She bit into the frosting-coated goodie and chewed – but as she chewed, a slightly perplexed expression formed on her face.

"Pinkie, what's in this cupcake? It tastes kinda funny," she mumbled through her mouthful.

"Huh? That's not right. Cupcakes should taste yummy, not funny," said Pinkie.

A terrifying thought suddenly struck her and she did a big gasp: "Dash! Don't swallow that bite! I have to check something out quickly!"

Her friend watched in confusion as she leapt into the kitchen and started rummaging through the cupboards and bins. In a matter of seconds, she had found what she was looking for.

She slammed two flour bags down on the counter, scattering the plates on the floor. One bag was empty, the other quite full.

She scanned the information on the back of the bags, then shouted out a dire warning: "Dashie! You've gotta spit out that cupcake! I've made a terrible mistake!"

"Mmff?" asked Dash, whose mouthful of food had now melted into a big, gooey mess.

"This is the normal, cupcake-tastic, self-raising flour that I should have used," she said, tapping her hoof on the full bag before raising the empty one aloft, "But this is the one I used instead – and it's an entirely different type of self-raising flour! It was created on an ancient zebra burial ground! In short, Dashie – these cupcakes are HAUNTED!"

"Prrrrrrrrrrbbttt," replied Rainbow Dash, spitting cupcake everywhere, "Haunted? How can this be?"

Her friend made no reply – she was looking at something behind her, something that frightened her beyond words.

The cupcakes were sprouting arms and legs and were pulling themselves out of their cases. Soon an army of about 50 of them had gathered on the kitchen counter, their faceless bodies approaching the two terrified ponies.

Their leader came to the front and pointed an accusing cakey finger at Rainbow Dash: "You ate my grandmother! Prepare to die!"

The two friends looked at each other, scarcely able to believe what was happening. For what had started out as a normal day of baking had suddenly turned into:

The Night Of The Living Cupcakes

Before the two ponies could react, the cupcake army leapt on Rainbow Dash and knocked her to the ground, punching and kicking her with a surprising amount of strength.

Pinkie tried to hit them off her but they retaliated in kind, forcing her to retreat. Dash managed to get her wings free and flew into the air, shaking off her attackers. She swooped down to her friend and they backed away to the rear of the kitchen.

"Looks like we're trapped," said Pinkie, watching as the frosting-coated army closed in on them.

Dash leaned forward, raising one of her front hooves in a battle-ready stance: "Then there's only one thing to do! Are you ready?"

"Am I ever!" grinned the pink pony, "Let's do this thing!"

The two friends lifted up their front hooves and pressed them together in an epic double bro-hoof, then shouted the magic words: "NINJA PONY POWERS ACTIVATE!"

There was an explosion of smoke and the cupcakes shielded themselves as best they could against the air blast caused by the ponies' transformation.

When the dust cleared, where there had once been two little ponies now stood the most powerful ninjas in Equestria, clad in black and armed with samurai swords and shurikens. The pair stood upright on their hind legs, back to back and ready for action.

"It is good to fight by your side again, my friend," said Pinkaninja.

"Yes," replied Rainbow Dash-san, "But this shall not be our final battle."

Then they launched themselves into combat and it was TOTALLY AMAZING. Rainbow Dash-san soared through the air, flicking shurikens with deadly accuracy – the spiky metal stars embedded themselves deep in the cupcakes' bodies, penetrating their sugary heads.

Meanwhile, Pinkaninja was waving her sword about like swish swish swish, slicing her enemies in two with such precision that not one crumb was spilt by a single cut.
In almost no time at all, the fight was over. The kitchen was a scene of cakey carnage. The two heroes looked over the room, their faces set with the grim satisfaction of a job well done.

"War is hell," said Rainbow Dash-san, "How many more must die before ponies realise that making haunted flour is a really bad idea?"

"I'm sure that day will come," Pinkaninja comforted her comrade, "But for now, I'm just peeved off that we can't eat the remains."

Their attention was drawn by a sudden series of slamming noises – the rows of ovens lining the kitchen were bursting open and even more cupcakes were emerging, itching for battle.

But these cupcakes were different from the ones they had fought before. They had been in the oven for too long and had been overcooked, causing them to mutate into even stronger and crispier foes.

Rainbow Dash-san took to the air: "Will this battle never end? Just how many of these foul creatures have you created?"

Her friend looked slightly sheepish: "You were a little late, so I started working on the next batch without you. Um, sorry."

"No matter! These monsters shall fall just like the rest!" she declared, drawing her sword once more.

Just then, their ninja abilities cut out, reverting them to their original forms. The two ponies looked at each other in horror – they could only tap into their powers once every 24 hours.

Several of the burnt and crispy cupcakes ran over to the sink and attached a length of hose to the tap, before turning on the water full blast. They directed the flow towards the bodies of their fallen brothers – as the water hit, the scattered cake and frosting remnants revived and began to merge together into one giant monster with a great big mouth.

"Change of plan," said Rainbow Dash, her eyes wide with fear, "Run away!"

The pair fled through the door of Sugarcube Corner and slammed it behind them, much to the surprise of two friends who had been just about to come in. Applejack and Fluttershy had arrived with the intention of helping Pinkie with her baking, unaware of the horrors she had unwittingly unleashed.

"Guys! You've gotta run! The cupcakes are too powerful!" gasped the pink party pony.

The door burst open and the monsters emerged, with the largest of them leading the way.

Fluttershy took one look at the situation and didn't hesitate to act. Reaching under her wing, she unsheathed her trusty dagger and stood up on her hind legs, defiant and proud.


"Pinkamena Diane Pie, you watch your language," gasped Rarity, aghast, "I will not permit any friend of mine to be so uncouth."

Fluttershy frowned, a little hurt: "Um, Pinkie Pie? I don't speak like that."

Oh. Sorry girls, I got just a little bit carried away. Anyway, the cupcakes attacked but Fluttershy was ready. She took three of them out with a single swipe of her dagger – but before she could make a second attack, the giant cupcake grabbed her and lifted her up. It was gonna eat her!

Luckily, Applejack was close by. She whipped out her lasso and it looped around her friend, pulling her to safety in the nick of time.

The orange earth pony then brought out her whip and cracked it on the ground near their enemies' feet, keeping them at bay.

"Cupcakes. Why did it haveta be cupcakes?" she muttered to herself, using her hoof to keep her hat steady.

The giant cupcake roared and marched forward, its arms outstretched, but then there was a burst of light and it exploded.

Twilight Sparkle stepped forward, her horn still glowing: "What's going on here? I'm guessing this is Pinkie's doing, isn't it?"

Rarity was just behind her – the commotion had by now drawn the attention of everypony in Ponyville.

"Cupcakes? Oh my goodness!" she gasped, then immediately fainted.

The evil cupcakes realised they were outmatched but they had one more trick to play, one more move that would doom all of Equestria.

They began burrowing into the ground, so quickly that nopony could stop them. Within moments they had all disappeared. The town fell silent and the ponies looked at each other, terribly confused. Then there was a rumbling sound, almost inaudible at first but then rising to a mighty roar as the planet itself began to shake.

Apropos of nothing, Princess Celestia swooped into the town just as everypony was beginning to panic.

"It's the cupcakes, isn't it?" she said grimly, "I always knew this day would come. Do not fear, everypony – I have planned ahead for just such an emergency."

Her horn glowed and she performed a spell that demonstrated why she was the ruler of Equestria. In the distance, everypony could see the city and castle of Canterlot growing, shifting, transforming – into a giant spaceship!

With one last ultra-powerful spell, the princess teleported all life on the planet – including the trees and plant life, don't worry Applejack – onto the gigantic Starship Equestria.

"Space Captain Twilight! Give the order to start the engines! We must leave planetary orbit!" cried Space Princess Celestia.

Space Captain Twilight gave a quick salute and rallied her troops into action. Flames burst from the exhaust of Starship Equestria's lightspeed boosters and it rocketed away from the ponies' home planet – and just in the nick of time.

"Um, Pinkie Pie?" said Twilight, but the pink pony was far too engrossed in her story to hear her.

As the ponies watched on in horror, Equestria began to change. Its lands and seas melted into each other, taking on a cakier texture than before, and the ice caps transformed into vanilla frosting. The planet of Equestria had turned into a giant cupcake!

"We have to end this menace here and now, before the terror of cupcakes can spread any further," said Space Queen Celestia, "Space Ranger Rainbow Dash! We must arm ourselves! Get the artillery crew on the job straight away!"

Space Ranger Rainbow Dash gave a salute and turned to her three finest crew members: "Okay guys, you heard her. Get making explosives on the double!"

The three of them leapt into the air and shouted with joy: "Cutie Mark Crusader artillery experts, YAY!"

Then they fell silent and looked at each other quizzically. After a few moments, Scootaloo stepped forward and asked: "Rainbow Dash, how do you make explosives?"

Luckily, their Space Auntie Pinkie Pie was on the scene. She hopped over to the hapless trio.

"Silly fillies. Making explosives is easy," she giggled, then broke into song:

"First you've gotta take a little bitta gunpowder
Add it to the mix
Then increase your firepower
With a little semtex – don't flinch!
Making these bombs is such a cinch
The result will be a thriller
Make some more and count to four
Then fire them to kill the
Those ne'er-do-wells
We'll send them to Hell
Cupcakes cupcakes CUPCAKES!"

"Fire!" shouted Space Empress Celestia, and the cannons of Spaceship Equestria boomed mightily as the Cutie Mark Crusaders' bombs were blasted at their planet-sized target.

"Pinkie Pie," Twilight tried again but her words fell on deaf ears.

They exploded on impact, creating a hole in the enormous cupcake monster and destroying its structural integrity. It began to cave in on itself, slowly at first but then at a rapid pace until finally it imploded – and then it imploded again!

"Congratulations, Space Auntie Pinkie Pie. Your actions have saved the day," said Space Goddess Celestia, "You have destroyed the cupcake menace once and for all. Then again, it was you who created it in the first place. You must be punished – so henceforth, you are banned from baking forever."

"Okie dokie lokie," said Space Auntie Pinkie Pie, "Now let's boldly go forth, where nopony has gone before!"

So the ponies of the Starship Equestria blasted off to find new planets and new lifeforms, all in the name of the United Federation of Ponyfolk. They had so many adventures together. Space Captain Twilight seemed to get very friendly with every new alien they met, and one time they met this really strange pony called Q –

"Pinkie Pie!" Twilight shouted at the top of her voice.

That finally caught the earth pony's attention: "Oh! Hi Twilight, what's up?"

"Oh lord, where do I even begin?" she said, "I guess the first thing would be how your horror story has somehow turned into a space adventure."

"Hmm… well, I was really getting into it so I decided to extend it a little. For the past few minutes I've been making it up as I go along."

"Never would have guessed. The second thing would be the fact you said this story would be 100 per cent medically accurate. Admittedly, I'm not a doctor, but I don't think your tale has any grounding in science."

Pinkie giggled: "Aw, I know. I just said that to try to frighten everypony."

"Okay. That's fair enough," replied Twilight, "Now I come to the third and most important point: could you get down from my ceiling please?"

Pinkie Pie had told her story with such enthusiasm that when the Spaceship Equestria had taken off, she went so far as to act it out: she'd bounced off Rarity's chaise longue, off the top of one of the library's bookcases and up into the rafters of Twilight's home.

"Oops! Sorry," she said, "I'll pop down in just a moment. What did you guys think of the story?"

"That. Was. Awesome," said Dash, "I got to be a ninja AND a space ranger? Best story ever!"

Rarity sniffed snootily: "Yes. Well. Obviously a lady of class such as myself could never allow herself to get taken in by such a lowest-common-denominator tale."

"Which means ya did enjoy it but you're just too ashamed to admit it," said Applejack, causing her friend to blush.

"It was kinda fun, even if it was so silly," said Twilight, "The thing I don't get is this: you took all of the ponies into space but you didn't make the slightest mention of Princess Luna."

"You're always going on about how we need to see more of Princess Luna," said Dash, "She came round to Ponyville on Nightmare Night, surely that's enough?"

"I don't know. I think everypony would like to see her at least once more this season," said Twilight, with a knowing wink.

Pinkie Pie was less than impressed: "Twilight, I think you're in my seat."

It was true: the purple unicorn had taken up residence on her beanbag chair, propped up against the wall. Pinkie hopped down from the roof rafters and the two ponies switched places.

"That's much better," she sighed, "Okay Fluttershy, why don't you tell us a story?"

"Oh, do I have to?" asked the shy yellow pegasus, "I'm awfully tired and I'd like to go to bed. I don't even know any scary stories anyway."

"Aw, come on now. Ya won't know until you give it a shot," said Applejack.

"Well… all right, but I'm not promising anything. This is a story I once read on the ponynet. It's called:

'Til Death Do Us Part.

There are many stories that have stood the test of time and been recounted from generation to generation, but for every one that is remembered there are thousands more that have been forgotten and lost.

Each one of those forgotten tales features a large cast of characters, ponies whose lives weren't significant enough to even become a footnote of history, but whose lives mattered nonetheless. This story is about the lives of two such ponies.

A long, long time ago, even before Princess Celestia ruled over Equestria, there was a place called Coltonville. Here lived seven young mares who were the best of friends. They shared everything – their experiences, their happiness and their problems.

One of these young mares was named Starlight. She was a sensible, down-to-earth pony with a pink coat and a yellow mane. Her cutiemark was a yellow star with four blue stars, which showed her aspirations to be a teacher. She wanted to be a bright, shining source of knowledge that would illuminate the minds of those smaller than her.

B-but there was something else she wanted. There was a colt who she found ever so handsome – tall, athletic and muscular, some ponies saw him as a jock but she knew he had a heart of gold… oh my, I'm blushing.

A-anyway, his name was Ace and he was in training to become one of the best footballers Equestria had ever seen. In fact, his cutiemark was, well, it was a football. He had a gold coat and yellow blonde hair, and Starlight couldn't stop thinking about him.

But he had a crush on one of her friends, a mare called Melody who would one day go on to be a rock star. It was nothing more than infatuation but he didn't realise that. Melody didn't want him, of course, but he was blind to that, too blind to know that Starlight was the pony for him.

So one day Starlight made a supreme effort to make him notice her. She took part in one of his football games one day, much to his disdain. How could a mare hope to compete?

But she went on to score the winning goal of that match. He was jealous of her achievement at first but that emotion eventually gave way to something else. Once she had gained his respect, he began to take her seriously. He realised how many interests they shared and they became friends, and eventually that closeness led to love.

The wedding was spectacular. Most of Coltonville attended to see the union between the football star and the town's most respected teacher.

Their vows had been written by Starlight herself: "With all my love, 'til death do us part, I shall always have control of your heart."

The happy couple looked forward to their life together, to sharing their dreams and one day raising fillies of their own. Every night, Starlight would go to sleep with the familiar sound of Ace's breathing right behind her.

But not all dreams come true.

It wasn't a particularly important match. Ace's team had already qualified for the championships and the opposing side was a bunch of no-hopers.

Whether it was bitterness or just an honest mistake that led the opposing player to make that hard tackle against Ace was unimportant. The only thing that mattered was the result it had.

Ace's head hit the ground hard. Normally he should have been able to just get up and shake it off, but a physical shock like that can sometimes have tragic consequences.
He never got up from that tackle.

Starlight's life fell apart. She was inconsolable at the funeral and in the weeks that followed, she turned to drink. Not even her friends could steer her from her self-destructive path.

One night, months after Ace had passed, Starlight drank more than she had ever done before. Her head swimming, her thoughts full of her dear, departed husband, she took to bed.

Her breath was heavy, wheezing. Heavier than normal. At first she put it down to the amount she had drunk but slowly it dawned on her that her breath shouldn't sound that loud to her.

Tentatively, and not without a little fear, she decided to test her theory. She took one, final breath, then held it.

And the breathing continued behind her. A familiar sound that she had grown accustomed to.

As she lay alone in that bedroom, still not daring to breathe, a male voice whispered directly in her ear: "With all my love, 'til death do us part, I shall always have control of your heart."

And then she turned over.

Her body was discovered the next day, still lying in that same bed. Her heart had stopped overnight – not unusual, considering the amount of alcohol in her system.

But there was something unusual about the circumstances she was found in. It was the position of her hooves. She appeared to be trying to hold somepony close to her, in an eternal embrace.

Fluttershy looked around the room, opening her eyes for the first time since she had started her story: "So, um, what did you think?"

Twilight sat. She had been sitting in the same position for the past few minutes, staring blindly ahead, unable to register anything apart from Fluttershy's story. Twilight sat.

Pinkie Pie's face was creased up from the effort of stopping her tears from falling: "I'm not gonna cry… I'm not gonna cry…"

Rainbow Dash was the first one to actually say anything outright: "Wow. Was not expecting something like that from you, Fluttershy."

"I certainly agree," added Rarity, who was sitting bolt upright on her chaise longue, "It was a good story, darling, but don't you think it was a little – too – scary?"

"Was it? Oh, I'm sorry," gasped Fluttershy, "I didn't realise. I think all ghost stories are scary, so I had no point of reference."

It was only Applejack who was smiling. She shot her friends a grin and said: "I think y'all are failing to see the sweeter side'a that one. Two ponies destined to be together, one unable to live without the other. You've got a romantic heart beating underneath that shy exterior. Ah think you and Big Macintosh are gonna get along just fine."

The yellow pegasus shied away at that comment, but she quickly overcame her trepidation to share a sweet – if a little embarrassed – smile with her friend.

"Well, I think I need something familiar to shake off that last story," said Rarity, "Twilight, why don't you tell us the story of the headless horse again? Send us all to bed with a jump scare instead of nightmare fuel. Twilight? Darling?"

The purple unicorn shook herself out of her stunned state: "Phew. Yes, okay. That sounds like a good idea. Somepony turn the lights low."

But before they could, something happened. Something that had been inevitable from since the night began. The telephone rang.

"I'll get it!" shouted Pinkie Pie, seemingly completely recovered from her previous tearful state.

She bounced across the phone and picked up the receiver with her hoof, holding it to her ear: "Hello?"

The voice was female and had a low, guttural quality, like a manticore gargling gravel: "What's your favourite scary movie?"

"Oh, that's easy!" she replied, "The Never Ending Story. What's yours? Hello? Hello?"

There was no reply. Pinkie Pie began to bounce back to her spot but stopped when she saw the terrified look on Rarity's face.

"P-Pinkie Pie, was there really a voice on the other end of that phone?" she asked.

The pink pony nodded, confused. Rarity pointed to the phone and Pinkie Pie quickly saw what was wrong – it wasn't plugged in.

"What?" she gasped, "But that's impossible! If it wasn't plugged in, then who was… who was…"

"There's only one way to find out!" cried Rainbow Dash, taking to the air and flying right up to the offending object, "Hey! Phone! Who are you?"

The receiver rose into the air with no visible means of support, stretching the cable out to its full extent. Its voice boomed with malicious intent: "IT IS I! NIGHTMARE MOON! MUUUHAAHAHAHAHA!"



"Nightmare Moon?" gasped Rarity, "How did you return? And why have you possessed Twilight's phone?"

Fluttershy let out a yelp and hid underneath Pinkie Pie's beanbag chair. The pink pony, however, was standing tall and defiant alongside Rainbow Dash, who yelled: "Who cares? This time we're taking her down, once and for all!"

Applejack cleared her throat to gain their attention, her face the picture of calm: "Ah know y'all are busting to fight Miss Nightmare Moon here, but ah'd like to draw your attention to the purple glow surrounding the phone. The same said glow that's emanating from Twilight's horn right now."

The friends turned around and saw the purple unicorn grinning from ear to ear, extremely satisfied with her little joke.

She broke into fits of giggles: "You ponies must be waaay more tired than I thought! I can't believe you fell for it!"

Applejack burst out laughing and the other ponies soon joined in, even Fluttershy. Soon the merriment faded away and the six friends all settled back in their chairs, stifling their tired yawns.

"Nice one, Twilight," said Rainbow Dash, "That was fun. So, what's that book of yours say is next on the list of stuff to do?"

Twilight used her magic to bring over Slumber 101: all you ever wanted to know about slumber parties but were afraid to ask, and flicked through it.

"Hmm… according to this chapter here, it's time for…" she slammed the book shut with a grin, "Bed! Goodnight, everypony!"
Phew, it's finally done. Wrote this whole thing in the space of a day, and I was drunk for half of it.
I'm a little disappointed that Fluttershy's story didn't turn out to be that creepy, but I guess it'll have the desired effect coming straight after Pinkie's story.
There was a joke I wanted to fit in but couldn't get to work: it's based off that dialogue in the train in Over A Barrel (think that's the name of the episode) and was going to end with Fluttershy saying "I'd like to be a cupcake."
Didn't suit the flow in the end and this thing's a monster anyway. 5,000 words!
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Pinkie Pie.
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Seems Legit.
Rowan193 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2011
Oh Celestia, the cupcakes.

Oh Luna, the Twilight being in Pinkie's seat which is up against the (fourth) wall.

Oh Faust, the who was phone reference.

You, sir, are an alicorn among men.
anzul Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2011
dudeeeeeeeeeeeee :D amazing fic!
cookiemancool Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011
Great story. Nice scream reference too.
Nodrasa Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2011  Hobbyist
Brilliant! I truly thought that pinky tries to tell them cupcakes ang gets cut of by the others.

would be extremly funny if pinky had told cupcakes. I can see the faces of Fluttershy and rainbow dash.
Great story.
datatoa Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2011

made my day...
The-Many-Faces-Of-Me Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2011  Student Writer
the best was when you began pinkie's story and it was more or less the beginning of cupcakes. essentially, my reaction was

"oh good god..i should've seen this"

but you flipped, it,

all in all, quite entertaining
gl1tchkids Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
By CÚlęsţia's Bęard!
Buckykatt42 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
I loved pinkie Pie's story. I had a hunch she was making her story up as she went along around the time the cupcakes turned into a giant cupcake. I also liked Fluttershy's story and I loved Twilight's prank.
Xeddrief Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
The fourth wall is a pile of rubble right now...

Also, called it on Fluttershy's being the genuinely creepy story.
creonto Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
that was a thoroughly enjoyable story. well done! if i could have one complaint it would be that it is a bit out of character for Twilight to be breaking the fourth wall.
fiat95 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Awww, i kinda was looking forward to their expression when pinkie told Cupcakes, but this version was... different. O well, ninjas make up for it.
llama66613 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
Brilliant! Well done, very well done indeed.
WaypointBravo Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
Pinkie Pie, you beautiful troll. Had me right from the very first line, and I was expecting something terrifying to happen right up until they turned into ninjas. Then it just got amazing. The artillery song to destroy Equestria-turned-Cupcake-9 and Twi stealing the 4th wall chair for a second were just expert touches.

Weird that Fluttershy's story is the only genuinely creepy one of the bunch, even if there is a sweet side to it.

Also I love Dash's absolutely perfect answer to the eternal question: "who was phone."
MuffinShy Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That was fun to read. And at beginning of Pinkie's story I was locked onto every next word o-o.
dragonwolfcat Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
"what's your favorite scary movie?" "oh that's easy! The never ending story!" :iconlol-spartaplz: BWAHAHAHA That was genius and very hilarious. The whole story was great and I really enjoyed it!
avatar237704 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
"It was a beautiful sunny day in Equestria and Rainbow Dash was still alive." Oh lawdy. I laughed a bit too loud at that line....Aww man! This isn't gonna be about "cupcakes"! I am disappoint. Fluttershy cursing was shockingly hilarious. I loved the allusion behind Twilight sitting in Pinkie's chair. Fluttershy's story was actually pretty good. Pinkie's response to the phone was hilarious, too. Her character in this story is just so perfect. I'm guessing that this is the last one, since it says "update complete" on EqD. Having them going to sleep is a good note to end on anyways.
DPV111 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
Eh I found Flutter's story plenty creepy enough. You don't need anything too suspenseful to draw out eeriness and foreboding.
The horror story that disturbed me the most is Lovers Vow from the Tales From the Darkside movie.
Playrmaster Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
"Oh, I know you guys aren't scared. But I'm sure anyone else listening in is at least just a little bit worried," replied the pink pony, leaning heavily against the wall.

You brilliant bastard. I seriously thought she was going to tell Cupcakes.
Oldcheeseclock Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
Phew, i thought Pinkie was gonna tell Cupcakes. I mean people think she ate Gilda and you said there was a griffon wing rice paper thingie.
LOLegendary9000 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the inspiration from your fanfic! Very well made, and suits the personalities of all the mane six!
LukeZaz Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
I hate you.


MrCropper Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
saeth-kaleanae Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
"Oh, I know you guys aren't scared. But I'm sure anyone else listening in is at least just a little bit worried," replied the pink pony, leaning heavily against the wall.

Pinkie Pie was less than impressed: "Twilight, I think you're in my seat."

Those two lines are brilliant. Especially the second one. :D
Overboarded2 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
In sovier creepypasta, capitalism is YOU!
Hospachea Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
Hmm... so, what would have happened if Pinkie Pie told the story WHILE she was in the chair next to the fourth wall? Well, I for one, am glad that wasn't the case.

I hate that story.
BentlyHD Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
Pinkie is the most awesome troll ever! Also ninja space cadet ponies, this movie should exist.
TheEvilTater Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
grim story for fluttershy
LordGrez Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2011
Jeez, Pinkie, don't scare me like that!
elysia7777777 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2011
I see your "Who was phone?" reference you snuck in there.
TehFitzy Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2011
Space Ranger Rainbow Dash for the win!
Lillianmax Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2011
LOL I liked the twist at the end! Only AJ was thinking straight...
Kuro-Kaminari Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2011
This is why Fluttershy is best pony. This was a great story, with tons of funny moments and lampshades. You should be proud.
canadian-trekkette Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2011
Nice fakeout with Pinkie's story. And Fluttershy's story was perfect scary story stuff. My spine tingled and now I'm giddy. Well done!
lisamariefan Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2011
Well played sir. Well played indeed.
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